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Bitter Journey

The Way of the Cross is a series of scenes from Jesus’s passion and death. Take time to reflect and meditate on the events surrounding the Crucifixion.

Bitter Journey the Way of the Cross

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Posted by Rev. Dr.Judy Shipman


Many of us feel overwhelmed by the clutter of our lives: the relentless pressure of consumerism, the chronic busyness, the competition for bigger and better.

What underlies thinking we can have it all and do it all is the sin of pride. What would it mean in your life to pray the words of Jesus, “Not what I want, but what you want?” Allow yourself time to reflect on the ways you spend your time and your money, and consider the path of simplicity and generosity.

Posted by Rev. Dr.Judy Shipman

Restoration of Goodness

Think of yourself as being created in the image of God. How does it feel to know that God’s Spirit is within you? What is covering up that image, choking the spirit in your life? What needs to happen to uncover it, to revive it? Invite Christ’s healing and revitalizing power to work in your life.

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We often think fasting is only about food, but as a Christian practice, it can encompass much more. It can also be abstention from things that occupy time that would be better spent on our relationship from Christ: TV, video games, surfing the Internet, etc. How might you use the time away from that activity to focus on God?

Fasting in relation to food can take many forms: giving up a meal or choosing simpler foods. Rather than simply giving something up, pray as you fast and remember those who hunger and thirst in this world, and donate the money you would have spent for that meal to a hunger-related cause.

Posted by Rev. Dr.Judy Shipman

Experience God in the Ordinary

Open your eyes every moment to the presence of God. Surround the routine things of your life with prayer, lifting each thing you do and each person you meet to God for blessing. Each day write a blessing for one of the common, everyday things in your life and ask that as you are blessed, you may in turn be a blessing.

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