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                   WISDOM CORNER                         

“An intelligent mind acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”  Proverbs 18:15

The library’s purpose is to provide a collection of books and resources for enjoyable and inspirational reading for the congregation, as well as support the study and understanding of the Bible and religion.

The church library contains over 2000 items.  In addition to sections for children and youth, categories include:  Bibles, reference/commentary, theology, Bible study, prayer/devotional, inspirational, comparative religion, history, life cycles, health, Presbyterian Church, music, art, humor, fiction, biography, and media.

We have a computer system to aid in searching by title, author or subject.  Signing out/in items can be done on the computer or on a sign-out sheet provided for those unsure of using the computer.  Materials may be checked out for one month with the exception of those items with a seven day limit label.

There is a suggestion box for comments or requests of additions to the library,   We are happy to accept donations of appropriate materials.  Guidelines for book donations are posted in the library.  You can also find a list of what’s new in the library as well as recent reviews on our website.

New volunteers are always welcome.

Library committee members:  Mickey Armstrong, Diane Barnes, and Barb Harrison




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