Spiritual Practices for Lent

God's Love Reaching Out Into the Community

Spiritual Practices for Lent

February 11, 2010 News Spiritual Growth & Education 0

Sometimes we approach Lent like a math problem; do we add or subtract? Do we add something to our lives like an intentional spiritual practice or, or do we give something up, perhaps a bad habit or a luxury? There isn’t a right answer, but there is a right “heart”. The Lenten journey is a time of reordering our lives to reflect what God would have us be. If the practices we choose just seem like a pain, make us feel like a martyr or give us a sense of spiritual superiority, are we really turning our hearts toward a God that both calls us to right living and showers us with abundant grace? Or are we just making it all about us? There are many spiritual practices that bring us into an awareness of God’s hope for our lives. Consider practicing an intentional Lenten journey this year.

Prayer and Reflection

Consider a time of daily prayer, scripture and reflection.