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If we as a church are going to make God’s story our story, then we need to learn and understand God’s story!  This study will help us see the overall purpose God has in our world through the stories of Scripture.  It will also lead us to ask and discover where God is at work now among us, and how the patterns of God’s promises and our responses continue today.

STARTING SUNDAY, JANUARY 1!  Kick off the New Year with a resolution to spend a little more time with God, your Bible, and a great church community!

What is The Story?

The Story is an abbreviated chronological version of the Bible, hitting all of the historical arc of Scripture in 31 weeks (January 1- July 30).  It has several components you can participate in:

WORSHIP – read the chapter for the week before you come to worship; Pastor Kimberly will preach on it.

DEVOTIONAL – use the chapter for your weekly devotions, meditating on a couple of pages or a story a day.  There are devotional guides to assist you.

EDUCATION – join a small group to talk about and debrief each chapter, taking your learning of God’s story deeper.

Experiencing The Story will help you understand God’s purpose in the world, God’s relationship with us, and how we can live with purpose in response to God’s love.

FAQs about The Story

Do I need to know anything about the Bible or Christian faith to participate?

Absolutely not!  This is a great way to start to learn or be refreshed on what the Christian faith is all about, why we believe in Jesus after all these years.  It’s also a good course for those who have been in Bible study groups many times before and for those who know the basics of the Bible but have never gone deeper.  The Story will meet you where you are and invite you to grow.

Do I need to be a member of First Presbyterian Church to participate?

Nope!  One of our goals is to share Christ’s good news with others and to welcome, accept, and affirm all to be part of the story.  That doesn’t mean you need to join our church!  God loves you just the way we are, and so do we.  If you want to participate, you could easily order your own book and worship online with us from home.  Or you could come in person, join a small group, and really dive in.  Or anything in between.  We want what is right for you!  If you can’t afford or find a book, let us know.  We have a few extras!

What if I get started and then decide I want to be in a small group? 

Just let us know!  We’ll find the right spot for you.  Small groups can really help us understand more, since people see things from different perspectives.

What makes The Story special?  Can’t we just open the Bible and read it?

The Story’s best feature is that it’s arranged chronologically with a timeline to help you see how everything fits together!  When we have the whole story in order at our fingertips, it all becomes more clear!

What if there are things I don’t understand?

Pastor Kimberly would be delighted to sit down and talk with you about some of the questions you have.  The Bible has layers upon layers – she’s been studying it for over 25 years as a minister and knows it will always have more to teach her.  The Bible isn’t just words on a page to analyze, but is a living document that guides us in our faith and all of the different circumstances we experience.

Doesn’t The Story leave out a lot of Scripture?

The Story leaves out most of the Psalms and Proverbs and wisdom literature, big chunks of prophecy, and even some of the hard stories to understand and decipher.  The premise is that we learn the big overarching picture first, then we can go back and fill in more details.  Some of the stories not covered are very hard and painful stories, but our church is not trying to dodge any of the Bible’s content.  On the other hand, we wouldn’t be able to do this in 31 weeks with only a chapter to read a week if everything was included.  If you see some things you want to cover, we can have a follow-up study which will address all of those after The Story is over!

Can I invite someone else to join us after we’ve already started?

Yes, of course.  We will have (and can order) extra books.  Sermons are recorded and can be viewed afterwards.  People can join small groups whenever they feel led.  If this study makes an impact on you, please do reach out and invite someone else who may need it also.  The best kind of invitation comes personally!

What supplies do I need?

We’re all using the basic book for adults in the NIV version of Scripture.  It’s called The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People.  You will easily find it used in a variety of places – just make sure you’re not getting the small group participant’s guide or anything called curriculum.  If you are in a small group, they may have some additional material they will give you or ask you to purchase that will guide the small group discussion.  Each group chooses its own path.

Who do I contact with more questions?

Please be in touch with our Office Administrator, contact Christen or 734-429-4140. 

You can also contact Pastor Kimberly or 734-545-8777.