Worship FAQS

Absolutely! We love our children and their voices, so there is no need for them to be completely quiet either. God welcomes us all, and FPC does too! Our children’s PRAYground (COMING SOON) is a place in the sanctuary where children can be fully engaged in activities that connect with worship while being near their families. It’s designed to make the entire experience more supportive and less stressful for families.

No, that’s not necessary! We do leave some important things going on in the life of our congregation near the two sanctuary entrances, but you won’t need anything extra for worship. The screens show everything you need for readings, singing, and more. We save paper and help our environment by not printing bulletins for everyone.

It varies! In general, we have everything from dressier clothes to jeans and sweatshirts. You need to feel comfortable joining us, so dress in a way that is faithful to who you are. We are a church that embraces people the way God made them, right down to the way they dress. So be you! We’re all doing the same.

No. We only hope that if you’re joining us in person or online, that you believe in God and trust Jesus Christ as your Savior OR that you’re interested in learning more about what it means to be Christian. Our worship is for everyone, and Communion is extended to all those who follow Jesus Christ and want to receive Christ’s grace and forgiveness. We practice inclusion in every way possible! You do not need to be a member of the church or a certain age to fully participate.

We are more than happy to accommodate! It would help if you could notify us at least 10-15 minutes ahead of service time, and we will (with clean hands) get our special supply of crackers ready for you. If your allergen is something we’re not prepared for, we will learn so we can do better next time!

Not by yourself! We do have readings that we say or pray together, and they’re all on the screen, so you’ll blend right in. We don’t put people on the spot, because we know how we’d feel if that happened to us!

If we’re honest, very few people know their Bibles really wellWe’re all learning and growing together. We have a variety of classes to help you keep growing regardless of what level you think you are right now. Even those of us who have studied our Bibles a lot always find new insight and learnings, so whatever you share or ask will fit right in!

About Us FAQS

Great question! Since we are a downtown church, we rely on city parking, so there is parking available along Michigan Avenue in front of the church as well as behind the church in a city lot and on the south side of Michigan Avenue in a city lot. We have three entrances. The front door of the church coming off Michigan Avenue will bring you into the back of the sanctuary. The side door off Hall Street brings you into the foyer behind the sanctuary, and our handicapped-accessible ramp behind the church leads you straight into the Fellowship Hall.

You’ll enter from the foyer into the front left side of the sanctuary. Just come on in and find a seat; at least 80% of us come in that way too! Please note that since we are streaming live online, you will briefly appear on the live feed if it is already on; the only way to avoid that is to come in the front door off Michigan Ave. and sit at the back!

No one needs to be a member of our congregation for us to welcome you, care about you, and invite you to fully participate in our life and ministry together. Membership is an aging concept in today’s society, but in our denomination it still marks the group of people who have committed to serve in our congregation and who vote on church decisions and become church leaders. Membership is not necessary, and it is a wonderful gift!

We work not just for welcome, but for full inclusivity with equity for everyone who walks, rolls, or otherwise comes through our doors. We are affirming of all people on their identity journey of life.

Start online with us!  Watch and worship for a few weeks, and be in touch with Pastor Kimberly about some of your questions. Contact Pastor Kimberly Her motto is that if this isn’t the right church for you, she’ll help you find the one that is! We hope to maximize the welcome and minimize the pressure. When you come in person, we’ll greet you warmly and invite you to coffee and conversation or our potluck lunch. Our goal is to have a few people who get to know you and introduce you to others to make your experience a positive one.

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