Mission Focus

Our church has had a busy summer of mission outreach.  Thank you to all who participated in person and with the donation of supplies.

Our Visit to CASS

We had a variety of opportunities for our work at Cass Community Social Services in Detroit: participating in their shredding ministry, cooking and serving meals at the shelter, and gardening at Taylor Park.

Blast at Taylor Park

We had a blast at Taylor Park with friends from Cass Community Social Services, painting bird houses to be placed in the park this fall, decorating tiny bird houses as works of art, and playing with bubbles and the giant parachute.  Many thanks to those who constructed the large and small bird houses.  The families had a great time and asked when we would return again!

Our work at Christian Appalachian Project in Martin, Kentucky was a response to the devastating floods in July 2022.

A mission team of 4 people traveled to Martin, Kentucky to work with Christian Appalachian Project in their housing reconstruction ministry.

We look forward to hearing about their experience.  Thank you to those who served as prayer partners to our team.

Hope Clinic

Our church responded to emergency needs of Hope Clinic for personal hygiene and cleaning supplies thanks to those who brought the need to our attention, and to those who delivered the items.


Our Food for Faith garden has been lovingly watered and tended this summer by a rotating group of assistants.  Many thanks for keeping it thriving during the hot spells and to those who arranged to have the gardens weeded and prepared for planting.  Our harvested produce goes to Saline Area Social Services.


Over 30 years ago the idea was simple: why not harness the energy and enthusiasm of Super Bowl weekend, a time when people come together for football, food and fun, to unite the nation for a higher good? The youth of FPCS are glad to be one group among many across the nation that have taken up the challenge to make a difference.

This year, food items and money were collected and delivered to Saline Area Social Services.

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